Because of the falling number of active cases of COVID in Montana and Lewis & Clark County, in-person worship is available the Cathedral.  Congregational singing has also returned.  Other COVID precautions (masks, distancing, and communion in one kind) will remain in place.  Drive up communion will discontinued beginning April 11th.

COVID Adjusted Worship  (Subject to change as conditions change)

In line with the criteria set forth by our Governor, and in conjunction with direction from our Bishop, St. Peter's will continue to offer worship in a way designed to combine uplifting worship with effective personal protection.  As we unwind our isolation in the weeks and months ahead, we will do so in a way that stresses safety for those worshipping and the clergy serving.  We encourage you all to do the same by wearing masks in public places and washing your hands often.  We will also continue to live-stream our services for those who are unable or uncomfortable returning to in-person worship.  During these stages, we recommend that those with complicating health conditions, and those at higher risk, continue to apply those factors as they decide their schedules and destinations, weighing all risk factors carefully.

The schedule of returning to worship is dependent upon us continuing to see a decline in cases within Montana and Lewis and Clark County.  If, when we re-engage in-person worship, we see that cases start to rebound, we will reconsider our plan by reversing or slowing our progress.

We understand that some of the restrictions that we must adhere to will impact our worship experience, but we must take measures in order to provide a safe environment.  These restrictions will be adjusted in accordance with the infection rates within the state and county. 

The members of the Cathedral have been amazingly faithful during this time of disruption, and haven't succumbed to a spirit of fear.  Thank you all for your faithfulness.  We look forward to 2021 and embracing an even greater experience of God in our lives and a more robust engagement of our mission within the world.



TVR Scott Anderson


St. Peter's Episcopal Cathedral

Helena, MT

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