Corona Virus Response

In order to do our part in combating the spread of the COVIG 19 virus, St. Peter's Cathedral will be taking the following loving actions:

          1.  At the recommendation of the Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, and in consultation with Bishop Marty, all in-person gatherings are suspended until May 10, or an earlier date as circumstances allow.  This includes all worship services, Bible studies, and fellowship activities.

          2.  We will begin this Sunday to live stream our Sunday worship.  I hope that you will continue your worship through electronic attendance.  In the weeks to come, other activities will be added as we are able.  How to connect into these live streams can be found here.

          3. During this time of the Sheltering-in-place order for Montana by our Governor, we will be offering Morning Prayer each Sunday at 9:00 AM.  We hope to begin Eucharist again with drive-up receiving by Easter.

          4.  While we will be very careful to minimize person-to-person contact to the most vulnerable and so will curtail our personal visits to homebound members, please know that we will be there in the case of an emergency.  Father Scott can be reached on his cell phone (406-437-2143).   We will make every effort to be in ongoing phone communication to check on your health and well being.



What you can do...

          1.  Fear Not, and remember that the overall personal risk for most people is low from this virus.  Remember also, however, that nobody is immune to it.  Most of all, recognize that there are people in our community that are at much higher ultimate risk than most.  Because of this, we all must continue to adhere to the national recommendations on social distancing and personal hygiene so as not to become a spreader.  Further information can be found at

          2.  Continue to draw near to God in faithful worship and prayer.  Please connect to our live stream each Sunday and, if able, receive communion at our drive-up distribution.  Go here for instructions.

          3.  Stay in contact with each other via email, texts, or phone.  This time of increasing isolation can be tremendously stressful.  Electronically send each other smiling pictures of family and friends, uplifting messages, faithful prayers.  Take advantage of video calling in our amazing age of technology.  Avoid fear and negativity, as it too can be extremely damaging within the lives of the ones we love. 

          4.  The economic repercussions from the actions that we will all need to embrace will not be evenly spread throughout our community.   Because of this, your church at St. Peter's will be called on to be an increased presence in coming to the aid of those who are shouldering the unprecedented brunt of the economic impact.  As a result, WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Please be faithful in meeting your pledge, even if you are not able to be in church.  This can be done by dropping it in the plate when you come to receive communion at our drive-up station, or by mail, or electronically by credit card on St. Peter's website (, or by instructing your bank to send your pledge directly to the church.   You may also want to make a special, tax-deductible gift to the Dean's discretionary fund.  Remember that all discretionary funds (Dean's and Deacons') are funded by the loose plate collections on particular Sundays each month.  With no in-person services, no additional funds are being directed to these ministry resources.   On top of this, I would also ask, if the federal government sends you aid to get you through the short term repercussions from the loss of a job or other immediate economic impacts that you have not suffered, that you consider donating part, or all, of that aid to be used for its intended purpose of supporting those who have lost their livelihoods and find themselves and their families in dire need of food and other support.  This is a time for the church to truly be the arms of God's love to those in significant need.

Thank you all for your faithfulness in this time of challenge.



TVR Scott Anderson


St. Peter's Episcopal Cathedral

Helena, MT

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