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Discerning for a new Dean

Almighty God, look graciously on the people of St. Peter’s Cathedral. Be with us and lead us as we seek the next Dean for our church. Enlighten with your grace the Search Committee. We ask for discernment, wisdom, and guidance. We pray for whom you guide to our parish, that they hear your calling and join our congregation swiftly, with joy in their hearts. We pray for the life of our parish, that we may joyfully continue to be strengthened in our mission to “Love God and Our Neighbor and Make Disciples for Christ.” Give us courage to respond and act as you lead us. We pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

About Our Search


May 16, 2024

As we begin preparations for our updated Parish Profile, we will need photos of special events at St. Peter’s. These can be from last year through this summer, and would include social concern programs, Bargain Basement, Capital Campaign events, church picnics, children’s programs, photos of St. Peter’s building and grounds, etc. Should you have a good photo or two of our parish life that you are willing to share, please send them to Thank you!

May 12, 2024

The Search Committee’s work has begun! Be on the lookout for regular status emails, an updated website with a dedicated page for “Dean Search”, and notes in Happenings. Check out the new Search Bulletin Board in the Undercroft (with many thanks to Ida Jaynes)! As our committee proceeds through its initial study period and begins reaching out to the congregation to gather information for our Parish Profile, we will look to each and every one of you to be a part of this important work. We will need your input as we move through this process. Please feel free to send questions or suggestions to the Search Committee at

May 7, 2024

The committee met with The Rev. Canon Mikayla Dunfee, Canon to the Ordinary, on April 30th. Canon Mikayla described the Diocesan Search Process and shared search resources. As we meet over the next months, we will plan our steps for conducting a parish survey and listening sessions. Together, with regular update emails, a bulletin board in the Undercroft, an updated website, and announcements during Sunday services, the committee will keep everyone informed. We look to each and every one of you to be a part of this important work for St. Peter’s. Please send questions or suggestions to


What we love about St. Peter's...

"I love our sense of community and our service to Family Promise, God's Love, and other organizations through the Social Concerns Commission." - Maggie Stockwell

Trust to the Search Committee

On April 23rd, the Chapter adopted and signed its “Trust to the Search Committee”, outlining its expectations for the planning and conducting of the search process to call a new dean to St. Peter’s.

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