During the Corona Virus pandemic,

the Cathedral will be live streaming our services. 

Worship with us by following the instructions below.

Steps to connect to St. Peter's live stream worship.

1.  If you are a member of Facebook, go to St. Peter's Episcopal Cathedral Facebook page, and "Like", and "Follow" the page.  By doing so, you should be notified when a St. Peter's live stream begins.  If you don't receive a notification, follow step 2 below.

2.  If you are not a member of Facebook and don't want to become one, you can still connect to the live stream by following these steps:

          A.  Go to our Facebook page by clicking on the "Electronic Attendance" button below.  Once there, select the service you would like to attend.


          B.  Once at our Facebook page, look at the vertical menu on the left side of the page and find the option "Videos".  Within that box, when we are streaming, you will find a smaller box that says "Live".  Click on this "Live" box.

          C.  You should now be taken to our live stream.  You may need to scroll down to find the actual stream.  Be sure to tell us you were with us, and how many were with you, in the comments section.

Since this is new to us, please be patient as we work out any kinks that need to be addressed.