Marriage -

A Sacrament

          Marriage is one of the most significant and joyful events in our lives. For this reason, we consider it a great privilege to be involved in the lives and preparation of couples desiring to commit themselves to one another through this sacrament. The need for such preparation is especially essential in our day in the face of the many challenges couples encounter as they strive to honor God and their vows within a lifelong union.

          The social understanding of marriage is very much in flux in our society today, as we recognize that human love is expressed in a variety of ways within our social experience. As a result, the traditional sacramental expression of marriage within the church has become caught up in this social human expression. At St. Peter's we welcome all of God’s children into an uplifting and transformational experience of worship, fellowship, and service, as we seek together a closer relationship with God through Christ. In regards to the sacramental expression marriage, the Dean at St. Peter's Cathedral adheres to the traditional and historic understanding and theology of marriage and is thus able to perform this sacrament solely within the context of that traditional understanding of a lifelong, committed union between a man and a woman.

          For those who embrace an expression of marriage outside of this traditional understanding, there are Episcopal clergy in Helena who welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how they might help you plan and celebrate your union.

          If you would like to discuss further the possibility of your marriage at St. Peter's Cathedral, please contact the church office at 442-5175 or

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