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St. Peter's Cathedral Clergy and Staff

We are currently in discernment for a new Dean. Please see the Dean Search page for updates on the process.

The Rev. Dcn. Rick Johnson



Lesley Powell

Nursery Coordinator

St Peter's Scott retires '24-43.jpg

Cindy Phillips

Cathedral Administrator

Sarah Page Fox

Sunday School Coordinator

Janet Kirkland

Altar Guild Coordinator

Retired Clergy in Our Community:
The Rev. Robin Biffle
The Very Rev. Stephen Brehe
The Very Rev. Raymond D. Brown

The Very Rev. Heidi Kinner
The Rev. Dcn. Bette March
The Rev. Dcn. John Moran

St. Peter's Cathedral 2024 Chapter

Scott Leak, Senior Warden
Sam Gilbert, Junior Warden
Vicky Tiberi, Secretary
Ron Gumbert, Treasurer
Aubrey Curtis

Manny Hoag
Nick Jaynes
Janet Kirkland
Ray Paige
Melinda Schell


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