Join us this Sunday, September 13th, as we launch our fall schedule at the Cathedral.  It will be a beautiful day in the garden at St. Peter's.  Here are our plans...

1.  Worship will be a single combined service in the Memorial Garden beginning at 10:00AM.  Seating will be properly separated and extend into the yard behind the Diocesan House.  

2.  Baptism - As we embrace our ongoing mission as God's church, it is appropriate that we should bring more disciples into the church.  On this Rally Sunday, we will welcome a set of twins into God's family.  

3.  Fall Programming - Come learn about how we will be embracing our mission and ministries within our current COVID context for the upcoming year.  Information will be provided on Children's Sunday School, Youth Group, Adult Christian Formation, Our ongoing virtual presence, Outreach, New worship opportunities, and volunteer possibilities.

4.  Picnic - Because of COVID policies, we will not be able to have our typical large spread of wonderful dishes to share.  Instead this year we ask that everyone bring a picnic lunch.  After the service, we will spread out in the grass and, if necessary, into Hill Park next door.  BE CREATIVE!!  Bring your folding camp chairs.  Bring imaginative meals and set up creative picnic scenes.  Awards will be given for best meals and most creative picnic setting.  

4.  Connect Virtually - If you are not able or comfortable to be with your church family in person, you will be able to connect to Rally Sunday on your computer.  Connect below through our Electronic Attendance page.

          A.  Worship - Connect to our live stream in           order to join your church family in worship.

          B.  Fellowship - After the service, you will              be able to connect to the celebration via                  Zoom.  Our large screen TV will be in the                garden where people can come by, say hi,              and have a chat.

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